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Dimensions: 8-3/8 x 1-7/16 x 0.280" TriColor Firestorm pattern 
Alloys: 1080 and 15n20

Condition: Normalized, annealed, and surface ground

Pattern Weld Billet #4

  • From as received, if just stock-removed to get a blade, do all your profiling, drilling and rough grinding etc, then heat up oven to 1490. Normalize once from 1490, then put right back in and heat to 1490 with a 10 minute soak at temp. Quench into parks 50 or AAA or something medium-fast. Temper twice for two hours, try 350 for Rc 62 but if you want to hit a specific Rc hardness my advice is to start low and creep up on it as equipment varies. 

  • As a twist pattern, Firestorm looks fairly plain and tightly twisted on the surface.  For best pattern reveal, grind as deeply in as possible as the pattern opens into bursting w's more the closer you get to the core.
    The edge of a blade beveled from this will display the pattern best. A hollow grind or thin kitchen knife works great.