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Here for your consideration is this, a classic western-style hidden tang chef knife.

The blade is hand forged from 26C3 alloy, a super clean low alloy high carbon steel.  It attains high hardness while affording excellent fine-edge stability.  It features a symmetrical compound or "S grind" geometry, to lighten the blade, promote food release and reduce drag when slicing.  Edge profile is of French type, similar to old Sabatier knives. The finish level is a lengthwise 400 grit satin hand rub.


 The handle is of kingwood, with a sculpted "palm swell" shape, and a high polish over nice subtle grain and color.  The bolster is of african blackwood for contrast, with an intermediate spacer of polished and recessed silicon bronze (will never stand out from the grip should the wood ever shrink a little.)  Handle is of through-tang construction, with all parts secured solidly together by the stainless steel tang-end nut visible on the handle end.


Cutting edge length is right at 9"
Heel height is 2-3/16" maximum
Spine thickness is appx. 0.120" maximum, with marked distal taper

Edge thickness before sharpening 0.005"

Tempered to 64 Rockwell hardness

Overall weight is 7 oz.

9" 26C3 Alloy Chef Knife

  • This blade will naturally patinate with use.  This means it will turn light blue or yellow, grey colors and the like, depending on the various food acids it encounters; which affects performance not at all.  You do not want the blade to rust however, and to prevent this, simply keep a dry knife cloth or hand towel on the counter when using, and before setting the knife down and walking away, wash blade with non abrasive sponge and soap, then dry right away.  Oiling every time is not strictly necessary although oiling before storing for longer periods of time is advised.  Use mineral oil for best results.

    Hand sharpen with japanese style water stones or diamond stones at approximately ten degrees per side as a baseline suggestion.

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